11 things that is a MUST in  your bag while attending a Summer Shaadi !


11 things that is a MUST in  your bag while attending a Summer Shaadi !

Its summer, and sun is too generous to bless us with heat and light! While you are busy throwing “thumkas” in the Sangeet, Make up is not the thing you should worry about. Here are the few lifesaving items you should keep handy to avoid ending up being messy in all the selfie.

Translucent powder:


This product should be your buddy during the entire wedding. It is always nice to perform quick touch-ups without looking cakey and dry. You should try this hack and see the difference yourself.

Blotting Paper


Keeping blotting papers at hand will help you avoid the excess oils covering your face during the day. If you have an oily skin, then humid climate can be a no-no for you. Dabbing blotting paper every now and then will help your face stay dry and you feeling fresh throughout the day.  So go ahead and stock up!

Small Powder Brush


A petite brush is a good substitute for a large size brush. Instead of using the hands for the touch ups!

Make- up wipes


Though we do not recommend you to use it in place of blotting paper. But wipes can come to great help while correcting your waterproofs. Or in any circumstances you want to remove the entire makeup and replace it with a new one, wipes are a life saver.



Yes, even if you do not expect your periods around that date carrying a spare would do no harm. And besides, you would get a great feeling if you save someone’s lehenga from getting stained, won’t you?

Bobby Pins


Your hair won’t be the same after you’ve danced on “London –Thumakda”. So some hair accessories including your comb and some bobby pins is a necessity.

Eyelash Adhesive


Who doesn’t like enhancing eyelashes and looking graceful. Attending summer shaadis means a lot of mess to come in the way of you to look flawless. You would not like to spoil the look by a lash picking out in the corner of your eye. Having an adhesive in your bag can help keep your lashes intact.

Pocket Mirror


Yes we know it’s 21st Century and girls nowadays use their Selfie camera as a substitute for mirrors. But you cannot rely on your camera for applying your eyeliner accurately.

Safety Pins


Just in case you or anybody else faces a wardrobe malfunction, safety pins can be at the rescue..

Your small Make-Up kit:


You’re going to have snacks and drinks while in a wedding. Make sure you carry your set of lipsticks and eyeliner for regular touch- ups.



Last but definitely not the least! Doesn’t even need explanation does it?

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