13 Awesome Ways To Do Your Maternity Announcement Photoshoot !

13 Awesome Ways To Do Your Maternity Announcement Photoshoot !

1) Show off your curves


Picture Courtesy : BX Studio

Embrace your body and its glow. Show your baby bump in a way that everyone in the room goes ‘ Awwww’. Hide behind the curtains or peek from behind a wall. Play peeka boo!

2) Play with silhouettes


Picture Courtesy : BX Studio

Silhouettes are always a good idea. All you need to do is pose against a source of light (sunlight or studio lights or even campfires). You can choose to do it outdoors or indoors, at dawn or dusk, whatever floats your boat.

3) Be a storyteller!


Picture Courtesy : BX Studio

Tell a tale through a series of pictures. Tell them how you’ll met or do something funny, all of it looks cool. You can also create a series of pictures of 1-9 moths of your maternity period and then combine it together and make a memorable collage of all the pictures together.

4) Go swimming


If you know how to swim (or even if you don’t) you must definitely consider this idea. Be romantic or just play in the water. Also swimming is a very good exercise your health, to keep you fit and strong during this period. If you don’t know how to swim just Dive in or cannonball, splash in it or float on top of it.

5) Keep it simple


Picture Courtesy : BX Studio

If you want to play safe then just pack your bags and get yourself to the nearest hill station. Pack a bunch of fancy clothes and do DDLJ in the fields or play with flowers or run in slow motion EVEN CHEESY is okay. Or you could just copy this couple.

6) Involve your kids


Picture Courtesy : BX Studio

It is always a good idea to involve your kids (or just hire a child actor) and make them interact with the baby bump. No matter what you do it will look cute.

7) Praise The Bump !


Picture Courtesy : BX Studio

This is really easy to do. Stand really close to the camera with your bump on one side and the father strikes a pose far away from the camera. This will look as if the bump is huge and the father is is tiny. Have a look at this.

8) Be Punny !

When in doubt use puns. You must have heard the song Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla ICE . The song has copyrights on it but there are no copyrights on using it to make a punny photoshoot.

9) Hidden in plain sight


Picture Courtesy : BX Studio

You could be as creative as you want but you cannot beat this couple. This is simple and smart. You can try this cute simple trick with your partner and make is as cute and romantic you want.

10) Include your cravings


Picture Courtesy : BX Studio

Ice creams, pizza, subs, yogurt, pickles, chips or burgers anything you like. You can crave anything and everything and if you want you can even include them in your pictures just like this.

11) Think fresh

BXS_0115 (2)

Picture Courtesy : BX Studio

Being funny always works and especially when you are doing your pregnancy photoshoot. Replace your cliché and cheesy ideas with funny and creative pictures. Just look at these two and you can implement them in your photoshoot.

12) A teaser


Picture Courtesy : BX Studio

If you haven’t got your bump yet but you can’t wait to make the announcement, here’s what you can do!  These cute little things can be a great way to do your pregnancy announcement.

13) Selfie artist.

If you can nail a perfect selfie every time you open your camera, then this one is just for you also if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive photoshoots then this will definitely up your alley.

A few more pictures for you, for more ideas of shooting your maternity photoshoot by BX Studio.

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